The Program

Our elite hockey skills program combines both on-ice, and off-ice instruction with mentorship that brings in community leaders from hockey, business, academic and other successful backgrounds.

The on-ice program will involve twelve hours of on-ice instruction developed and donated by Next Generation HKY - - as well as a daily half-hour off-ice program. The program will be led by current Lead Instructor for Next Generation Hockey, Evan Brownrigg, and supported by numerous coaches with professional-level experience in coaching and development.

The one-week program will take place from July 6-12 and will consist of the following:

Day 1 (Sunday, July 6):

  • One-hour welcome and introduction session involving players and their parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • One-hour On-Ice Instruction

Days 2 – 6 (Monday, July 7 – Friday, July 11) - Daily:

  • Half-hour off-ice conditioning
  • Two-hours on-ice skills development
  • One-hour mentorship discussion

Day 7 (Saturday, July 12)

  • Two-hour game and camp wrap-up


We believe that character is as important to a player’s success as their skill and ability. For this reason, we’ve developed a mentorship program that will bring in community leaders from hockey, business, academic and other backgrounds to discuss with players insights they have gained throughout their individual paths to success in both the game and life.

Participants in the mentorship program will be announced in late-May.

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