How To Apply

The Players

We are looking to select 20 talented hockey players registered in boys minor hockey in the Ottawa or surrounding area with birth years 2001 or 2002. Given this program’s objectives, we are seeking players who face beyond average economic obstacles to their continued success in the game.


A player must be nominated by a coach or minor hockey representative that is not a relative or family member, and who can attest that the player:

  • Is registered in boys minor hockey in Ottawa or the surrounding area with a birth year of 2001 or 2002; and,
  • Possesses above average hockey ability; and,
  • Faces an economic disadvantage that poses a challenge to their continued success in the game.

Nominations will be assessed on a balance of competitive ability and need.


If you are a Minor hockey representative or coach and are interested in nominating a player who is not a member of your family or of any relation:

Please download and fill out the following:

For nominations to be considered, both the Nomination Form and Consent Form must be completed and mailed to:

    Level The Ice
    6 Range Road
    Ottawa ON,
    K1N 8J3

Or, if preferred, completed forms can be scanned and emailed to:

The deadline for considering nominations is June 6, 2014.

If you are a parent or guardian of a player that meets our eligibility and feel your son would be a good candidate for this program: contact your team’s coach or a minor hockey representative to discuss their nomination on your son’s behalf.

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